Cooley Show

February 21, 2020
Williams Field High School


Standard Schedule Logistical Schedule

Director Information

Percussion Adjudicators:

Effect-Music: Jim Williams

Effect-Visual: Ryan Turner

Visual: Mason Tanquary

Music: Bryan Hummel

Color Guard Adjudicators:

EQ: Katelyn Payne

MVT: Lauri Roesch

GE1: KC Michel

GE2: Lance Coochyouma

DA: Ryan Turner

Support Staff:

T&P: Karen Herrera

Sound Engineer: Aaron Hudson

Contest Administrator: Danielle Dorks-Gray

Tabulator: Kayme Williams

Flow & Site Maps

Attached below.

Spiel Sheets

Spiel sheet information is submitted via CompetitionSuite on the Administration tab. Select Winter Guard Arizona along the left-hand side. Anything in parentheses will not be announced, so please provide pronunciation help for show titles or director names that our announcer may have trouble with.


Location: Choir Room

Color Guard Critique: 7:46 PM

Percussion: Critique: 10:00 PM

Color Guard Only: Starting in 2020, WGAZ will utilize the critique sign-up option available in CompetitionSuite. CompetitionSuite sign-ups will close on at 11:59pm Arizona Time on the Wednesday prior to the event.

Groups who have signed up will be taken in performance order. If a unit does not sign up prior to the deadline on CompetitionSuite, the unit representative may ask to be seen after the units that have signed up if time allows.

Please check in with the WGAZ representative when you arrive at the critique location to ensure your group will be called. Start times are approximate.

Color Guard Music Upload

Directors may upload their performance music in a MP3 or WAV file via CompetitionSuite. Using this system is not required and groups can use their own CD or sound device if desired. Instructions on uploading music.CompetitionSuite uploads will shut down on at 11:59pm Arizona time on the Wednesday prior to the event.


Available via CompetitionSuite.

Video Recordings

There is to be no video recording of any WGAZ performance. No video cameras will be allowed in any contest venue and no authorized space will be provided for groups to record their performance.

Any liability associated with unauthorized recordings will rest with the individual or organization making the recording. WGAZ does not condone, nor accept any liability for, any unauthorized recordings.

No video passes will be issued.

Ticket Information


General Admission - $8.00

Children 5 and under are free

WGAZ recommends that spectators arrive at least 30 minute before your units performance.

Registered Groups

Guard Scholastic Elementary

  • Higley Traditional Academy Color Guard
  • Chaparral Elementary Color Guard
  • Gateway Pointe Elementary Color Guard
  • ASU Sparky's
  • ASU Maroon
  • ASU Gold

Guard Scholastic Junior High

  • ASU Black 54.820 2
  • Cooley Cougar Colorguard - Purple 61.890 1

Guard Scholastic Novice

  • Highland Winterguard JV 58.290 1
  • Casteel Winterguard - Navy 55.290 2
  • San Tan Charter School Color Guard 52.690 3

Guard Scholastic Regional A

  • Red Mountain Winterguard 57.120 1

Guard Scholastic Junior High A

  • Cooley Cougar Colorguard - Black 55.620 1

Guard Scholastic AA

  • Casteel Winterguard 60.210 3
  • Highland Winterguard Varisty 61.620 2
  • Williams Field HS - Red 69.950 1

Guard Scholastic A

  • Basha Winterguard 71.180 1
  • ASU SunDevils 66.050 2

Guard Independent A

  • Mesquite Winterguard 65.380 1

Guard Scholastic Open

  • Williams Field HS - Black 63.500 1

Guard Exhibition

  • Cooley Dance Team (Test)

Winds Scholastic A

  • North Side Winds 61.100 1

Percussion Scholastic Concert A

  • Williams Field HS Concert Percussion - Black 66.200 1

Percussion Scholastic Elementary

  • Centennial-Southside Beats
  • North Side Elementary Percussion

Percussion Scholastic Junior High

  • Santan Indoor Percussion 63.740 1
  • Sossaman Indoor Percussion Ensemble 60.150 2

Percussion Scholastic Concert Junior

  • Cooley Percussion Ensemble - Purple 64.300 1
  • Cooley Percussion Ensemble - Black 62.350 2

Percussion Scholastic Open

  • Basha Indoor Percussion Ensemble 77.300 1
  • Williams Field HS Winter Drumline 74.250 2