Maricopa Show
March 22, 2019
Maricopa HS
Director Information

Percussion Judges:

Effect-Music: Evan Dixon

Effect-Visual: Tony Christofano

Visual: Mason Tanquary

Music: John McClean

Color Guard Judges:

EQ: Christy Suyehira

MVT: Catherine Plant

GE1: Steve Abrams

GE2: Randy Arnayro

DA: Luis Fisher

T&P: Jim Johnson

Sound: Aaron Hudson

Contest Director: Danielle Dorks-Gray

Ticket Information


General Admission - $8.00

Children 5 and under are free

WGAZ recommends that spectators arrive at least 30 minute before your units performance.

Registered Groups
Percussion Scholastic Regional A
Villago Indoor Percussion
Scholastic Novice
American Leadership Academy Ironwood HS
Scholastic Regional A
Maricopa HS Gems Winterguard
Page HS Winterguard