WGAZ Championships
March 29, 2019
Wells Fargo Arena at Arizona State University
Director Information

Percussion Judges:

Effect-Music: Jimmy Madonia

Effect-Music: Pete Sapadin

Effect-Visual: Peter Gomez

Effect-Visual: Alex Mendoza

Visual: Sean Womack

Visual: Joe Roach

Music: Preston H

Music: Kevin Bell

Color Guard Judges:

EQ: Dennis Romero

EQ: Christy Suyehira

EQ: Phylliss Selby

EQ: Tim Hart

MVT: Todd James

MVT: Catherine Plant

GE: KC Michel

GE Brian Ellis

GE: Lance Coochyouma

GE: Joyce Loughrige

GE: Tony Christophano

GE: Mason Tanquary

DA: Beth Hermonson

DA: Luis Fisher

DA: Scott Montoya

DA: Kevin Bell

Chief Judges: Montoya/Christophano/Plant

T&P: Bryan Scheidecker, Kim Moss, Jim Johnson

Sound: Sean Hazle and Aaron Hudson

Contest Director: Danielle Dorks-Gray and Bryan Scheidecker

Ticket Information

Ticket Prices/Info:

One Day Ticket - $20.00 (good Friday OR Saturday)

Student Ticket - $10.00 (ages 6-16) (5 and under free)

Combo 2 Day Ticket - $35.00

Combo Student Ticket - $15 (ages 6-16)

WGAZ recommends that spectators arrive at least 30 minute before your units performance.

Registered Groups
There are no performances!