Cooley Show
February 22, 2019
Williams Field HS
Director Information

Percussion Judges:

Effect-Music: Ben Moore

Effect-Visual: Alex Mendoza

Visual: David Larkins

Music: Evan Dixon

Color Guard Judges:

EQ: Phylliss Selby

MVT: Lauri Roesch

GE1: Steve Abrams

GE2: Randy Arnayro

DA: Ed Martinez

T&P: Bryan Scheidecker

Sound: Aaron Hudson

Contest Director: Danielle Dorks-Gray

Ticket Information


General Admission - $8.00

Children 5 and under are free

WGAZ recommends that spectators arrive at least 30 minute before your units performance.

Registered Groups
Scholastic Elementary
Higley Traditional Academy Color Guard
Gateway Pointe Elementary Color Guard
ASU Sparky's
ASU Maroon
ASU Gold
Chaparral Elementary Color Guard
Scholastic Junior High
ASU Black
Sossaman Gold
Cooley Cougar Colorguard - Purple
Scholastic Novice
Highland Winterguard - Teal
Scholastic Regional A
Westwood Winterguard
Scholastic Junior High A
Cooley Cougar Colorguard - Black
Scholastic AA
Highland Winterguard - Black
ASU SunDevils
Scholastic A
Perry Winterguard
Williams Field - Red
Desert Vista
Scholastic Open
Williams Field - Black
Winds Scholastic A
North Side Winds
Percussion Scholastic Elementary
Power Ranch Panther Trashcan Band
Coronado Coyote Trashcan Band
Bridges Bobcat Trascan Band
Gateway Trashcan Band
Centennial Trashcan Band
Higley Traditional Academy Trashcan Band
Percussion Scholastic Junior High
Sossaman Indoor Percussion Ensemble
Santan Indoor Percussion
Percussion Scholastic Concert Junior
Cooley Percussion Ensemble
Percussion Scholastic Regional A
Hamilton HS Winter Drumline
Percussion Scholastic A - National
Perry Indoor Percussion Ensemble
Percussion Scholastic Open
Williams Field HS Winter Drumline