WGAZ May Membership Meeting

Good Afternoon,

As we wrap up our 2021 Season, WGAZ would like to say congratulations! This past season was filled with some learning opportunities for everyone, some extraordinary shows, even with the sudden end to our season in 2020, we hope that this season proved to be a great experience for you and your performers.

As we reflect on 2021, and look forward to the 2022 season, WGAZ would like to invite you to the 2021 May membership meeting on May 2nd. We will be providing an In Person meeting option as well as a Virtual meeting option. If you choose to attend the in person meeting, Masks will be REQUIRED by all at all times. Be on the lookout for the invitation link to attend the virtual meeting in a future email.

Included at this meeting will be WGAZ Board Elections, as well as 2021 Amendments to the By-Laws, Policy & Procedures Proposals. Nominations will be open from now until April 24th.

WGAZ Board Positions up for Election include:

President, Secretary, Event Host Coordinator, Colorguard Judges Coordinator, Percussion Judges Coordination.

Job Descriptions for this position will be attached at the bottom of this email.

CLICK HERE To Nominate!

Nominations will be open until April 24th.

Reminder: Article IV Section 1 of WGAZ By-Laws

UNIT – Any color guard, percussion or winds ensemble is eligible for membership as a performing Unit in this Corporation. The Band Director or the Head Certified Employee that is the sponsor for the scholastic unit or Executive Director of Independent organizations will appoint one delegate per unit to vote in the election of the WGAZ Executive Board.

2021 Amendments to the By-Laws, Policy & Procedures Proposal

CLICK HERE To propose an amendment to the By-Laws or Policy & Procedures

This form will be open until April 24th.

Reminder: Article IV Section 1 of WGAZ By-Laws

ADVISORY BOARD - The Advisory Board will consist of the WGAZ Executive Board and the Advisory Committee delegates from the previous year’s medalists of each class or class division in Percussion/Winds and Color Guard. The Advisory Board votes on Bylaws and Policy and Procedure changes and advises the Executive Board on WGAZ matters. They shall have one vote each.

WGAZ Membership Meeting May 2, 2021

In Person and Virtual Option


11:00 AM Check in – Reception

11:30 AM Welcome! Introductions and Procedure

Advisory Board members must represent, with loyalty, the interests of WGAZ while participating in meetings and in their decision-making within the organization. This accountability supersedes any conflicting loyalty such as that to individual units.

11:45 AM Division Reports

- Treasurer’s Report and Recap – Cari Eng

- Judge’s Coordinators – Scott Montoya and Vi Tran Le

- Percussion/Winds Liaison – Peter Wood

- Color Guard Liaison – Brandy DuBose

12:00 PM Transition to advisory breakout rooms

12:15 PM Advisory Board separated

▪ Roll Call

12:25 PM Season recap

1:00 PM Proposals (Discuss and voting by category)

2:00 PM Return to General Meeting Room

2:15 PM Proposals for General Membership


▪ President, Secretary, Event Host Coordinator, Percussion/Winds Judge’s

Coordinator and Colorguard Judge’s Coordinator

2:45 PM Conclusion