The Event Partner Bid form for the upcoming 2022 season is OPEN!

A few changes this year:

The deposit for the event bid is now $300 for the 2022 season. This change was made to include floor tape that was previously purchased by individual event hosts. 8 rolls of floor tape are now included in the event deposit, and you will not be required to purchase tape after the fact, unless you require more than 8 rolls.

***WGAZ Clinic dates are now listed on the Event Partner Bid Form. When bidding for a CLINIC DATE ONLY, the fee does not apply***

When selecting events for 2022, the committee will be considering requests made from the WGAZ membership to enhance the performer and event experience. This can include things like bleacher height, gym size, and indoor warm up facilities (color guard only).

If you have any questions about hosting an event, please email Event Host Coordinator Mellanie Risch.

CLICK HERE to access the 2022 Bid Form!