Championship Map Update

Dear Members,

It is our honor and pleasure to be able to host our State Championships this year at ASU’s Wells Fargo Arena. We are all excited about the opportunity for our members to be able to hold the largest show of the year in an arena of this size. We are working closely to the staff in Athletics and the Marching Band program to help make this a great experience for you all. Along the way, being the first time at a new venue there are going to be a few things that we need to be open minded and flexible about when trying to get the University to understand our needs as well as us to work with their needs. So please be patient and willing to work with the staff during the event.

The University is working hard on the improvements to Sun Devil Stadium on the North and South side of the stadium. Due to the construction on Friday, we will need to make a few adjustments to the flow for percussion on the timed warm up zones. Since Friday is a school day and a work day for the staff and students here at ASU, we are going to use the attached flow and site maps, so please take a look at them.

For percussion we ask that you will be able to warm up where you can find zones on Friday given that we will not be able to provide the timed warm up zones. This has a lot to do with the working day as well as the school day on Friday. The areas are usually pretty clear on a Friday afternoon after about 4:30pm so you will be on your own to find space in the lots. Please DO NOT block cars or set up too close to the arena to block areas of traffic and the flow for the competition day. Deliveries during the work day will occur so we cannot block the streets around the arena because of the construction on the West side of Wells Fargo.

Please be aware of the ramp on your way down….yes you have to get up that ramp after.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact your Liaisons so that we can help answer any questions you might have.

Winterguards – No music will be allowed in the warm up areas, a lot like Dayton the space is open to the arena and the ceiling is higher on one end than the other but indoor space is being provided. If you choose not to use the space because of the height of the ceiling (a 5 would be your highest option), please make sure you report on time to the tunnel ready line for entrance to the arena. The space around the arena is pretty well lit at night, but please be aware of the amount of time you take up space for everyone to have a chance to have a lit space to warm up. Please stay off the main paths around the arena to make way for those teams exiting the arena.

Thank you and we will see you all this weekend. All the best to the performers on Friday and Saturday.