Perhaps one of the greatest ways to educate your staff and students about proper design, technique and performance is through a visual resource.  WGI has put together an amazing set of DVDs that will teach fundamentals, showmanship and design elements that are sure to increase your unit\'s performance level in the indoor activities.


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Articles and Resources


Evaluate, Edit, Enrich
by: Shirlee Whitcomb


Capitalizing on Critique
by: WGI Education


Music 101
by: Caleb Rothe


Visual 101
by: Caleb Rothe


Thoughts on Competition
by: Joe Sowders


Tips from Designers
by: Shirlee Whitcomb


Review, Revise, Reward
by: Shirlee Whitcomb


Putting It All Together
by: Shirlee Whitcomb


So What is the Point of All this Focus on Staging?
by: Shirlee Whitcomb


This is a BIG Subject!
by: Shirlee Whitcomb


Time Management
by: Shirlee Whitcomb


The Fall and Winter Advantage
by: Shirlee Whitcomb


The Science of Winning
by: Shirlee Whitcomb


Time and Resources
by: Shirlee Whitcomb


Common Concerns and Possible Solutions
by: Shirlee Whitcomb


What Is Colorguard?
by: unknown


2004 Festival Format Forms (see how much WGAZ has grown in over a decade!!)
by: WGAZ Board

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