Welcome to the World of WGAZ

An experience where competition is based in education.

WGAZ was founded to draw together the growing winter guard and percussion activity, standardize rules, and provide leadership and guidance in a competitive venue.

Now there is an organization in Arizona that offers: Internationally recognized and standardized judging criteria within the winter guard and percussion activity. Improved communication. Cooperation of local circuit organizations. An Educational Division offering clinics, printed and video materials regarding the color guard and indoor percussion activities. A network of local contests in Arizona culminating in an annual Championship Show each spring.


WGAZ is a non-profit umbrella guiding the competitive development of Winter Guards and Indoor Percussion Ensembles in the southwest. WGAZ is governed by a Board of Directors representing the competing members of WGAZ from around the state of Arizona.


WGAZ has chosen competition as its method for organizing youth activities in pursuit of high standards of achievement. The one-day Championship event showcases more than 50 guards and 20 percussion ensembles from across the state of Arizona. Member units prepare for this event by competing in at least two WGAZ sanctioned competitions.


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